Note for Contributors



(Heading 1) Title of the Paper (of not more than 8 words)

Format of the Paper

The length of the Research Paper should be minimum 5000 words including title, abstract, main text and tables, excluding references. Language style should be academic without colloquialisms, slang, regionalisms, etc. Consistency of American spelling is required. The formalities of academic expression should be followed.

The research paper would normally include the following elements:

  1. Introduction (a clear lead into what the paper is about, the author’s perspective and the basic framework chosen)
  2. Literature Review (based on supportive references and their explanation based on personal viewpoint)
  3. Hypothesis/ Research Questions (the underlying proposition supporting the paper)
  4. Methodology, Methods of Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation (should suit the implications of the hypothesis/questions and be done in the light of the adopted theoretical stance)
  5. Findings/Inferences/Recommendations/Conclusion

File format  - MS Word

Headers and page numbers - Do not include headers or page numbers in the document

The structure of the paper 

  • Title of the paper (Heading 1) as mentioned above
  • Title font 14 point bold Times New Roman, centered

Author details - Research interests, Current Status, Institution, City, Country and Email address

Abstract - An abstract of 250-300 words, Times New Roman (Font 12), Italics, indented 1 centimeter on each margin, at the beginning of the paper; preferably presenting a briefing of what to expect in the paper

Keywords - 3-4 key words pertaining to the main concepts of the paper

Body Text - Times New Roman 12 point, 1.5 spacing with 6 pt paragraph spacing, Justified

Heading level 2 / Sub-Headings - Sub-headings maybe in Times New Roman 12 Bold with 9 pt paragraph spacing after. All headings are in sentence case (Level 1 heading is the title of the paper); however, too many headings should be avoided (The text itself should lead the reader ahead)

Heading level 3 - Sub-headings maybe in Times New Roman 11 pt Bold with 9 pt paragraph spacing after

Figures & Tables - Figures and Tables should be centered. Use Times New Roman 11 for captions and titles of figures and tables, leaving one blank line before and after. Tables are labeled above and figures are labeled below. A colon is inserted after the number of the Table or Figure

Footnotes/ Endnotes - May be used, if needed

Glossary - May be used if needed

References - References are listed in Times New Roman 12 point, single spacing. Second and subsequent lines within each reference are indented 0.5cm. Do not leave a blank line between references. Adjust 9 pt spacing between two references. Use the current American Psychological Association (APA) referencing both in text and for listing references at the end of the paper. References in text should be author and date:
… Bates (2000) contended that …
… Berge, Collins, and Dougherty (2000) found that …
… there is strong evidence of this in the literature (e.g., Reeves & Laffey, 1999).

Length and Format - Contributions should be minimum 5,000 words with an additional abstract of not more than 300 words. The format for citations, endnotes, and reference should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, latest edition). Diagrams, figures, images, etc., can be used provided they are essential. All submissions to Critical Inquiry should be original, well-scripted and accompanying the author’s short biography. Copyright laws must be respected.

Editorial Process - Contributions will be initially processed through Turnitin for plagiarism check by the Editor only. If fulfilling the conditions of Turnitin, these will be reviewed by our editorial team, and then, forwarded to foreign and local peer reviewers. Contributors whose work has been recommended for acceptance will then correspond with the editor should revisions be required.

Copyright statement - The following copyright statement should be included at the end of your paper.

Copyright © 2011 Name of author: The author assigns to the NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry and the National University of Modern Languages a non-exclusive license to use this document for publication, personal use and in courses of instruction. The author also grants a non-exclusive license to the NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry to use this document for worldwide publication, distribution and reprint in all languages, forms and media. Any other usage is prohibited without the expressed permission of the author.

The author has to submit a copyright agreement (Download Form)stating that the author has the legal rights to present the paper for publication and the paper contains no material that is defamatory, libelous, and unlawful or infringes the copyright or other legal rights of others. If the paper contains any material which requires written permission for inclusion, such will be obtained by the author at his/her expense.

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