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Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)

A Human Resource development Centre (HRDC) has recently been established in NUML. The primary objective of HRDC is to develop and enhance state of the art teaching as well as administrative skills among the members of teaching faculty and administrative staff. To achieve its objectives HRDC conducts various training courses, seminars and workshops, either on its own or in collaboration with the HEC and other Governmental departments / institutions. The HRDC is dedicated to on job training of consistently high standards through innovative and versatile programmes that are responsible to the current and emerging needs of the University employees. Some of the major initiatives taken by the HRDC during last six months are as under:-

  • Conduct of PCEPT course, in collaboration with the HEC, from 4th May to 24th May, in which 26 faculty members from NUML and other affiliated colleges participated.
  • Conduct of one week course on Human Resource Management, in August 2011, by the Institute of Manpower, Islamabad. 25 members of teaching faculty and administrative staff attended the course.
  • Conduct of training in Microsoft Excel for the senior computer assistants, in September 2011, by the Institute of Manpower, Islamabad.

It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that our endeavors have started to pay off in improving the overall efficiency of the University.

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