DARYAFT (ISSN 1814-2885)

Call for Papers

Basic information about the Papers

The specialty of Daryaft is to present articles in the following categories of Urdu language and literature. Articles excluding these categories will not be considered.

1. Research (Textual, Subjective, Biographical) In this category it is necessary that the article must cover textual, Subjective, biographical research about classical era. The classical forms of Urdu literature and related documents, antiques and manuscripts are also parts of this category.

2. Discussions (Intellectual, Critical) Articles in this category should about the intellectual and critical discussion like modern western theories of criticism, classical and modern thoughts, theories of eastern criticism, the evolution and development of Urdu criticism and related texts, different arts relating literature etc. The discussions in said category should be related to the Urdu language and literature.

3. Poetry (Research and Analysis) In this category articles covering different genres of Urdu poetry like Nazm, Ghazal, Qasida, Marsia, Masnavi and others are treated. The different shades like evolution, philosophical perspective, contemporary issues and objective studies based on related texts of these genres are welcomed.

4. Language and Linguistics Lingual research (old and new) in Urdu and contemporary linguistic discussions are part of this category. However, modern linguistic discussions must be connected to the Urdu language.

5. Iqbal Studies Iqbaliat is a permanent category of Daryaft. Research articles about Iqbal’s prose, poetry, life and services are included. 


Please keep in mind these categories before sending your research articles for Daryaft. For more information see the guidelines. You may send your articles on address below.

Dr. Shafique Anjum, Editor Daryaft

Department of Urdu, NUML, H-9, Islamabad

Email: numl_urdu@yahoo.com

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