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The idea of M Phil / PhD program was initiated in 1998 by the then Director of National Institute of Modern Languages, Brig. Aziz Ahmad Khan and seconded by NIML’s Board of Governors. It was basically a Faculty Development Program aimed at providing an opportunity to faculty members of the then National Institute of Modern Languages to enhance their academic qualifications and also to promote research culture in modern disciplines. At that time, NIML was affiliated with Pakistan Futuristic Institute (PFI) headed by Dr. Ikram Azam. The Institute was itself affiliated with American University of London, England for award of PhD degrees. At that time, it comprised the disciplines of: Arabic, Education, and English with only 16 students enrolled in PhD only.

The formal beginning of the program and the setting up of the Department of Advanced Integrated Studies (AIS) dates January 2000 when the National Institute of Modern Languages (NIML) was elevated to the status of a degree awarding University, the National University of Modern Languages (NUML). This was a landmark achievement as NUML became the first language University in Pakistan to embark upon a program at the tertiary level. To our knowledge, NUML is still the only language university in Pakistan and probably also in Asia that offers PhD program in even the most rare languages. The PFI students were shifted to NUML. The total number of students at that time was 15 - 03 in Arabic, 02 in Education and 10 in English. In year 2001, services of Prof. Dr. Saeeda Asadullah Khan, then Pro Vice-Chancellor, Fatima Jinnah Women University, were sought and she replaced Dr. Azam as Head. AIS later on became FAIS&R that is, Faculty of Advanced Integrated Studies and Research. More disciplines, that is Persian with 03 students and Urdu with 06 students were added. MPhil Program was also launched and more faculty was inducted. Today the program is offered in 14 disciplines and the strength of its permanent / regular faculty is 65 including M Phil and PhD.


The M Phil and PhD program of the National University of Modern Languages is an integrated program set up on the international pattern of ‘Doctoral Schools’. It is hence a program that runs under the umbrella of Faculty of Advanced Integrated Studies and Research. It is headed by a Dean who works in close liaison with other Deans / Heads of disciplines in which the program is offered. This system helps in better management and a smoother functioning of the program. FAIS&R has a Student Advisory Committee, a Plagiarism Committee and a Comprehensive Examination Committee. 

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