Russian Department

Faculty Profile

Dr. Asma Naveed
Dr. Asma Naveed

Head of Department

Elena Sumina
Elena Sumina


Yevgeniya Buch
Yevgeniya Buch


Sania Iskanova
Sania Iskanova


Mission Statement

The Department of Russian Language provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge of the culture, literature, structure, and vocabulary of the Russian language. The department seeks to impart basic and advanced command of the written and spoken language and with the general communicative skills. The department fulfills a service mission through offering the said language for students who must meet the foreign language requirement, for students interested in language study for intellectual and cultural enhancement, and for students for whom knowledge of Russian language and cultures is a valuable professional tool. The Department strives to broaden the students' views about the linguistic and cultural diversities and similarities between their and the target language and thus hopes to lower the barriers and biases.

Message, Head of the Department

I would like to thank you for your interest in the Department of Russian Language. At all levels of our program, students not only study language but also gain awareness of Russian culture through an approach that emphasizes on both content and skill-building. Here the students are provided an opportunity to study Russian language and culture, to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of Russian traditions, customs, and issues while building their proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. We believe that through this knowledge our students gain a valuable perspective about Russia that enhances their life personally and professionally.
Our faculty consists of native speakers who are all highly motivated and actively devoted to teaching of Russian. The relatively small class sizes enable us to devote considerable individual attention to student needs.
We welcome your contact with the Department of Russian Language. Please explore our website and let us know if we can provide you with additional information.

General Information

Founded in mid 70s, the Russian Language Department seeks to support the study of Russian in Islamabad by providing suitable setting for learners of the language.

Various Russian Language courses offer a highly-focused curriculum and a study environment conducive to the rapid development of the four language skills (oral, aural, writing, reading) as well as cultural awareness.

The Department caters to the requirements of the students from the Armed Forces of Pakistan, various other Government departments, and private organizations, civilians interested in pursuing professional and higher education in Russian, Belorussia, Ukraine or CIS countries or interested in business activities. Besides this, the Department also provides translation and interpretation facilities.
The Department had also run courses of other languages from CIS countries like Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen and Uzbek.
Highly dedicated Pakistani and native faculty members bring to the classroom their experience and enthusiasm to assist students in their endeavors to acquire a new language.
Below are the names of the faculty members presently working in the Department:

  • Asma Naveed, Ph.D., NUML, Lecturer and Head of Department
  • Anna Gulamovna, M.A., University of Turkmenistan, Senior Contract Lecturer
  • Sonia Iskanova, M.A., University of Uzbekistan, Contract Lecturer

Courses Offered

  • Regular Courses (Morning)
    • Certificate 06 months (1 semester) Matriculation
    • Diploma 12 months (2 semesters) F.A. +  Certificate in Russian Language
    • Diploma-in-Interpretership - 18 months (3 semesters) F.A. +  Diploma in Russian
  • Special Courses (Evening)
    • Special Certificate  06 months (1 semester) Matriculation
  • Summer Course - Basic 01 month (June-July)


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